Getting things started…

While I have long understood the business benefits of blogging, it’s taken me some time to get around to actually doing it (no excuses here). Almost every day, I come across interesting technologies and people in my work, and this is a good place to talk about them. As an Emerging Technology Strategist for IBM, I recruit strategic technologies from IBM’s research and development labs worldwide and help expose them to early-adopter communities to determine market interest and potential commercial opportunities.

This blog is about emerging technologies and business ideas — IBM and industry-wide. What is min for the max all about? It’s my personal maxim: creative thinking and action to get the maximum impact with the minimum effort. More on that soon…

To kick things off, check out this new service called Group Persona Visualization on alphaWorks. This one’s from the IBM software lab in Hursley UK. Twitter and other social media enthusiasts will like this Web 2.0 collaborative service that lets you visually track the group dynamic of your friends, colleagues etc. based on their status updates. What’s interesting about this fun tool are the implications for business use, from human resources to email and other collaboration software. That’s what we’ll be tracking.


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