It's all about me

If you’re anything like me, now that social media is oh so pervasive, you’re probably wondering how to make a quick retreat back to a version of the old days when your whole life wasn’t out there for all your friends and colleagues to see. While the idea that Web 1.0 was about You, Web 2.0 about Us and Web 3.0 about Me might be a bit simplistic, some new technologies are proving that it really is more about focusing on your needs…maybe not collaborating and sharing everything in a way that Web 2.0 encouraged. These new semantic-related technologies are refining everything from search to social networks to the core of daily business applications.

At IBM. we’re using semantics to enhance Information Management and Lotus products among others. It’s also a huge focus of research activities, resulting in some interesting prototypes like Anatomy Lens from the T.J. Watson Research Center, a search engine targeting scientists, or the Unstructured Information Management Architecture SDK, a framework for developing applications (available on alphaWorks, and open source on Apache).  There are also some interesting technologies I’ve come across recently from startups like Relevad who offer tools for sentiment search, and Radar Networks, creator of Twine, the ‘next generation’ semantics-driven social network.

Looks like the semantic Web is gradually becoming pervasive too…but in the meantime, let me go clean up my Facebook profile.


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