The reincarnation of Muxtape

I love music. And when I discovered Muxtape earlier this year, I fell in love immediately. It was a great evolution of the classic mixtape idea. Now, instead of burning CDs of my favorite mixes for friends, I could share them online, letting people simply and easily stream my favorite songs. Of course, no sooner had I discovered it, I also knew that the site was too good to be true…. And for the last couple of months, Muxtape has been down, caught in unfruitful legal discussions with the RIAA, leading to its demise in its current form.

I was sad to see Muxtape go — the model provided an ease and simplicity that many music sites out there today lack. And it was a good example of the web’s capacity to allow individual expression through a collective experience. I was exposed to fantastic new songs through other people’s playlists that I might otherwise have never discovered. Justin Oullette, creator of Muxtape recently issued a letter on his site recounting his experiences over the past few weeks, and his hopes for a new Muxtape. It will be interesting to see what a reincarnation of this music service will look like, Here’s hoping…


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