Recruiting techs from emerging markets

Like much of the tech industry, alphaWorks looks to emerging and growth markets to source technology. While many of our strategic techs come from primary labs in the U.S. like Almaden and T.J. Watson Research Centers, we’re also seeing many come from international labs in China, India and one that I have a particular interest in — the Haifa Research Lab.

Outside of the U.S., Israel is a hub of venture capital and investment growth, as well as entrepreneurial activity. Local as well as heavy international VC funds are helping to fuel startup development especially in telecom and wireless technology.

Historically, we’ve showcased innovative projects from Israel including one of our top downloads of all time, the IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4, which was a joint development between Haifa and T.J. Watson.

This year, I’m excited about a SaaS offering from Haifa/Almaden called PHIAD, an on-demand system that enables the public health industry to integrate and share data from public health institutions across proprietary systems and political boundaries. If adopted widely, this service has the potential to impact the management of global health information.

And there’s more in the pipeline from Silicon Wadi.


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