Hero with a thousand blogs

I have friends who maintain more than a few blogs; some of them in the double digits. They might have started with a blog for work, then one for personal musings, another for a social media resume, and from there it snowballed into an avalanche of posts. But how many blogs is too many? Seth Godin, whose work I read a lot, has numerous blogs on the topic of marketing alone. But this is a man who has a lot to say about it.

For the rest of us who need to work hard at creating traction for just one blog, maintaining multiple outlets may require unavailable mental energy. Then again, starting a blog doesn’t cost anything. Sometimes I’d like to share great new music I’ve heard or interesting places to go in L.A. — things that aren’t necessarily appropriate here. So I end up sharing that kind of information through my social networks. Does that warrant starting another blog? It’s a tough call for me.

While I ponder that, I’ll leave you with a great new tune from one of my favorite artists…


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