Automatic indexing of multimedia content

Tackling the problem of dealing with large amounts of image and video data, this new technology on alphaWorks called Feature Extraction Service annotates multimedia content. It applies machine learning techniques across multiple visual features to automatically index visual content. These semantic annotations can then be used by applications for search, filtering, classification and other content management.

Created at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, this service builds on the capabilities of the IBM Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System, also available on alphaWorks–an automated desktop indexing and multimodal search system for digital image and video collections.


2 responses to “Automatic indexing of multimedia content

  1. Cynthia;

    I have reviewed several documents from alphaWorks regarding to Semantinc Web and Semantic or Ontology-based applications, but it seems I have not found the “start-here” page.

    Is there such kind of resource into IBM alpha works. I have droped some messeges at forums like “IBM LanguageWare Miner for Multidimensional Socio-Semantic Networks”, but no answer until now. What could be a good place to start to review all the IBM offer regarding to these topics?. We, as a consultancy company are planning to “build” our knowledge base but technology seems (to my) very diverse and confussing by now?



    • Hi Jorge. One of the places you can start is, which provides some high-level info, FAQs as well as a listing of many of the semantics-related technologies we offer. As well, if you have any specific questions about any of the techs, let me know, and I can help connect you to the creators of the technology. Thanks.

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