Tweeting the path to a Korean BBQ taco

3271800452_b417bdea5cHow’s this for social media at work?  The latest twist on L.A. fusion is the Kogi Korean BBQ taco truck. Every night, the Kogi truck parks in a new location and its ardent followers find it via Twitter updates. Even for Angelenos who are used to excellent Korean and Mexican food, this has become a word-of-mouth sensation. There’s certainly no other place that I know of to get Korean BBQ on a taco. Hundreds are following the tweets, overtaking the hordes we’re used to seeing at Pink’s Hot Dogs. Still, it may be worth the wait (and signing up for Twitter) for this unique flavor excursion.


One response to “Tweeting the path to a Korean BBQ taco

  1. I finally managed to track down this taco truck and stood in line for close to an hour. Finally got a few beef tacos and wolfed them down in my car. Really not bad, though not worth an hour in line. If the wait had been five minutes, I would have said they were fantastic.

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