A simple word cloud generator

wordcloudHere’s a simple and fun new tool from IBM alphaWorks: Word Cloud Generator. Building on the Wordle technology, also created by Jonathan Feinberg, an engineer at the IBM Research Collaborative User Experience lab in Cambridge, MA, this tool lets you generate interesting (and pretty) word clouds based on a set of words. The lab is also responsible for previous visualization technologies on alphaWorks including Many Eyes and History Flow Visualization Application.


3 responses to “A simple word cloud generator

  1. It’s beautiful, but if you have a lot to do, it’s way too slow.
    Also, it generates HUGE images as you work on it, but hands you a SHRUNKEN little thing that you can hardly make out the words in.
    I’t snot that practical, it’s more art-therapy if you have a lot of time to waste playing with it.

  2. Beg to differ, @HCCanada. It took me a long while to figure out, but you can take a screen shot of the beautiful full size wordle image and retain it in all its glory that way. Other option, I haaven’t tried it is to save the full-sized Wordles to an Acrobat pdf file.
    Yes, I agree, it was very disappointing to be left with such tiny images for embedding in my blog the first few times I tried!

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