Yellow Tail and the Australian wine industry

ytshirazI discovered Yellow Tail Shiraz several years ago at Trader Joe’s here in Southern California for less than $5 a bottle. I know almost nothing about wine, but I instantly took to Yellow Tail. And you couldn’t beat the price.

An interesting article in Slate describers how the economic crisis has affected the wine industry in Australia, and how labels such as Yellow Tail may be responsible for tarnishing the Australian brand by propagating the expectation that Australia only produces cut-rate, discount wines. The prestigious names have suffered, with wine makers clamoring to rectify the situation and preserve their brands. But Yellow Tail still continues to be popular. It is good discount juice!


2 responses to “Yellow Tail and the Australian wine industry

  1. A friend brought over a large bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot to our house on Thanksgiving several years ago. Hubby and I have been hooked ever since. We’ve tried other wines since then but keep coming back to the Yellow Tail Merlot.

  2. Yellow Tail is in most of the grocery stores here but is definitely not a great indicator of Australian wines.

    Just back from a long week-end in the Hunter Valley and if you want a great Shiraz try a 2003 Audrey Wilkinson. It will cost you a bit more but it is well worth it. I picked up a case so I will save a bottle or two for when you and the family come and visit.


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