Finding the perfect gift…

My son Ellis turned 4 today. He’s not really into toys, so finding the perfect gifts is always challenging. He does like activities and he loves to read. So this year, I decided to write him a book for his birthday. Nothing too grand… just a short story about all the things he loves, and filled with pictures that both he and I drew and colored. This simple idea was only possible because I used Lulu, the online self-publishing site.

At first, Lulu was not the easiest site to navigate and the process wasn’t always clear, especially because instead of using the standard Word template (which is very limiting), I used Quark for the layout before creating a pdf for Lulu to review and publish. But now that I’ve done it once, I will certainly use Lulu again and again. It was most definitely worth it– a custom hard cover edition of my first book AND the perfect gift for my son, all for just $20! And you can make it available for purchase on the site, along with the option to make it available on Amazon.

My daughter Sienna is only 9 months, but I’m already thinking up story ideas for her…


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