The future of hybrid cloud is now

canstock9463445The hype surrounding hybrid cloud has been growing for some time. Right now it’s a safe bet that most large enterprises have hybrid systems to some extent — either home grown or organic acquisitions. And many are implementing cloud strategies with the clear goal of hybrid environments in mind. It’s no longer a case of choosing between private or public clouds. Very soon, “cloud” may simply refer to hybrid environments as a general rule.

With a hybrid system that combines on-premise cloud infrastructure with off-premise infrastructure-as-a-service, users can benefit from the strengths of each while mitigating the weaknesses. Most often, organizations use 3rd-party cloud providers to supplement internal cloud systems to ensure capacity in case of demand surges or failure events. This approach allows organizations to provision for normal workloads without wasting money on excess capacity that would mostly sit idle.

But managing both private and public cloud environments with diverse, heterogeneous components poses new challenges, especially as continued innovation changes the nature of cloud usage. Until recently, hybrid systems were primarily connection points between on and off-premise environments. They lacked the flexibility, scale and sophistication to handle interchangeable workloads and to deliver services as a unified, complete system — regardless of where those resources reside.

The growth of hybrid systems has mirrored the emergence of comprehensive solutions that meet these challenges. In this market environment, organizations are increasingly looking for solutions that offer a combination of flexibility, security, ease-of-use and value.

Here’s further analysis in this 2013 Forrester Technology Adoption Profile on hybrid cloud adoption.


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