Do what to my virtualized environment? Optimize with IBM at VMworld 2013

VOWhen our IBM product management team first suggested a grouping of capabilities for virtualization, I immediately jumped on the idea. It’s still a sweet spot for many customers. Even if they’re already managing virtualization, there are many ways they can optimize their environments and get more from their investments.

But when my PMs suggested ‘Virtualization Optimization’ as a term to refer to this grouping of capabilities, I did a double take. It sounded more like the name of sci-fi cable TV show than an integrated solution for image and patch management, monitoring, cost management and storage. Virtualization Optimization doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

In retrospect, I see their wisdom. A quick Google search on the term shows that it’s resonating in the market and with customers. Maybe they’re not ready for cloud, but they’re moving past virtualization management to… virtualization optimization.

What we really mean by the term is a targeted set of entry points to adopt and expand capabilities to accomplish the following:

  • Optimize the virtual image lifecycle for up to 80%  labor cost reduction
  • Optimize patch remediation to patch endpoints for over 98.5% compliance
  • Optimize resilience and data protection to reduce storage footprint by 90%
  • Optimize metering and billing for 25% reduction in financial accounting labor cost
  • Optimize availability with resource utilization for up to 75% improvement in capacity

So if you’re planning on being at VMworld San Francisco this August, stop by IBM booth #1545. We can’t promise a sci-fi experience but you’ll get the scoop on optimizing virtualization and advancing cloud.


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