New media or old, it’s all becoming social

Jimmy Fallon is a great example of how late-night television is transforming itself. You know what I mean if you’ve seen his hilarious #hashtag skit or any other bit from his nightly show. What makes Fallon appealing is that he seems accessible. Not only can new generations of consumers relate to his humor, they can also consume snippets of his show online, share it and interact with others about it. This is a great way to bridge the divide between old-school TV and new media where digital content becomes a ready-made catalyst for conversation.

Even beyond social media, the entertainment world is transforming. Take hitRECord, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s new venture to deliver a show by soliciting content from anyone who’s interested in participating. Collecting relevant bits from around the world to match the show’s themes, the iterative process of putting together an episode is done online and collaboratively. It’s a facelift for the variety show concept.


This kind of transformation using social technology is very visible in entertainment, but it’s also happening across traditional industries looking to reach new audiences more attuned and receptive to social business practices. Now organizations can seamlessly facilitate people-centric engagement and transform the culture of collaboration, whether it be with their customers, employees or constituents.

Today’s social technology includes deep analysis of social engagement that can lead to true personalization of interactions for internal teams including marketing, sales, human resources, customer service and IT. By tapping into social platforms within organizations or the cloud, actionable data can quickly and easily be translated to build relationships, drive savings and revenue and solve real-world problems.

One compelling example occurred during the crisis in Haiti after a massive earthquake struck in 2010. Healthcare professionals around the world were able to quickly and virtually band together through IBM’s cloud collaboration platform to help find immediate solutions to help people in need. Colleagues in Care, an organization founded around the mission to help Haiti, was able to implement systems of care to match volunteer skills with patient needs, and collect and share critical information.

Social innovation is happening everywhere — from improving customer service in banking and transforming customer experiences in retail, to strengthening the relationships between business partners in telco and innovating the way that education is delivered to children globally.

It’s a new way of doing business, and it’s all becoming social.

Previously published on Social Business Insights, April 4, 2014.


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