Send the elevator back down — Lessons from IBM Impact 2014

spacey2Last week’s IBM Impact in Las Vegas had many highlights. Needless to say, seeing Imagine Dragons live in their hometown was one. But looking past the blinding neon lights, not to mention the dry casino air in Vegas, there were some noteworthy sessions that demonstrated how streamlined technologies from IBM — from the Cloud Marketplace to BlueMix, which is a platform for developers to develop and test drive cloud apps — can make it easy for any business to tap into the Internet of Things.

Sessions also discussed social and mobile trends and how the composable business model is allowing companies to take advantage of cloud.

Last but not least, Day 3 of Impact opened with a keynote address by Kevin Spacey, who talked about how he’s had to transform himself to stay relevant and successful in the entertainment industry. He talked about the challenges of getting backing for House of Cards, and how Nextflix took a chance on him without even seeing a pilot. His key messages:

  • Be a risk taker
  • Bet on risk takers
  • When you’ve achieved some level of success, it’s time to send the elevator back down

Wise words from Spacey. You can check out his keynote as well as other sessions on the Impact event site.


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