Music collaboration makes everyone a rock star

music_collabLately it seems as if every hit song features multiple artists. Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Beyonce and Jay-Z. Pitbull and … almost everyone. While musicians have been collaborating on hits for a long time, never before has there been such an influx of creativity, producing songs that bring together artists from different genres, styles and age brackets.

Part of what makes this collaboration process more visible, and even transparent, is the use of social technologies to help artists iterate together, and to orchestrate the marketing of their hits worldwide, through multiple channels, for instant amplification.

Take it one step further. Never has it been so easy for the consumer — the non-professional, sing-in-the shower types like me — to collaborate on recordings using music development platforms created specifically for those who may not have musical training or skills.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Music Mastermind, an LA-based entertainment tech company, who’s using IBM cloud technology to enable their new mobile music platform. Their flagship app, Zya, is a great example of cool new technology that’s leveling out the playing field for novice and professional musicians. The platform brings together gaming and music, letting users record lyrics, auto-tune to get the right melody, and then — the best part — create mashups with popular songs from major record labels. It’s the recipe for a hit, whether it’s with Madonna, Lady Gaga or Robin Thicke. Take your pick.

Technology is unveiling new possibilities in collaboration. Now, on to my duet with Sinatra.

Previously published on Social Business Insights, May 29, 2014.



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