Evolve your social business by putting people at the center

We’re all using social technology to some extent. In fact, long before social media took hold, collaboration was an integral strategy for how companies communicated successfully, at least internally.

With the onslaught of new technologies, organizations are now interacting with customers, partners and employees in unprecedented ways. Treated properly, this interaction creates opportunities for developing relationships that enhance brand value and foster insights that create knowledge.


But many companies aren’t harnessing this collective knowledge or even consciously supporting its development. Social Business reorients the traditional perspective to put people at the center. This allows organizations to take control and unlock insights from social interactions.

After 20,000 client engagements, we’ve distilled our experiences with creating customer-centric organizations into six key elements for putting Social at the heart of the modern enterprise.

Each of these entry points provides a path for deepening and promoting interactions that build long-term business value. Learn more about these entry points as well as the benefits of putting people at the center of your organization in this short podcast with our perspective on Social Business.


Previously published on Social Business Insights, July 21, 2014.


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