Is analytics the key to digital engagement?

imageIt’s a question many companies are asking right now – how do you transform enterprise culture to increase employee engagement and foster relationships with customers? According to a Social Business session at IBM Insight today, the answer is to build on analytics as the foundation of your engagement strategy.

As the use of social technology increases dramatically, organizations are finding a need to create an enterprise-wide strategy for social implementation and adoption. A recent IBM study “Charting the Social Universe” found that only 8 percent of companies surveyed have one today, but recognizing the importance of it, as many as 45 percent plan to have an enterprise-wide strategy within the next few years.

And a significant piece of that strategy includes analytics engagement to understand employee sentiment and to make decisions that optimize the workforce. The value of engagement analytics is grounded in the realization that employee engagement shouldn’t be something measured in a survey once a year, but measured continuously and in real-time. A study by Wyatt Watson found that companies that have highly engaged employees produce 26 percent higher revenue per employee.

In the past year, IBM itself has focused on engagement analytics to determine how employees are interacting and to place the value of their social interactions in context. Based on research and approaches such as the enterprise graph, the goal of the IBM pilot project was to build a social dashboard to track and analyze user activity across various social channels.

Think of it as something akin to Klout for the enterprise – allowing employees and managers to better understand their roles in the social network. But it goes much further, analyzing the following metrics categories:image

  • Activity: to measure your level of activity across the network
  • Reaction: to measure how others respond to your activity
  • Eminence: to measure how others react to you the individual
  • Network: to measure the quality of your network and your role within in it

This project is currently running within IBM with a fast-growing group of early adopters that are using the insights to impact their social capital in real-time, create efficiencies in the way they work and ultimately to make better business decisions.

Social isn’t just about collaboration. Perhaps the greatest value is what it leaves behind – shared knowledge and ideas that provide answers to others on their journey of discovery and innovation. Where the social network is the memory of the organization, engagement analytics becomes the tool to unlock the value of social.

Previously published on Social Business Insights, October 27, 2014.


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