Securing the Social World

insight_securitySocial technologies are challenging old behaviors in organizations. It’s no longer a question of if employees interact with customers and the outside world using emerging media, it’s how.

Highlighted at Jason Keenaghan’s IBM Insight session, “Security Tips for Protecting Your Business in the Social World,” the challenge is to manage this new form of distributed openness — to protect employee customer engagement against innumerable dangers, from brand contamination to information leaks to outright fraud.

Underpinning the success of digital engagement are the systems, policies and governance that enable secure social interactions. And a key part of earning trust and protecting people is using analytics to recognize the risks at play.

Keys to secure engagement

The momentum toward mobile and cloud technologies continues to break down the traditional perimeter and forces us to look at security differently. Threat-aware identity and access management become the key line of defense of the multiple perimeters.

  • Intelligence: Using insights and analytics to identify priority threats
  • Innovation: Using cloud and mobile technologies for better security
  • Integration: Developing an integrated approach to stay ahead of the threat

As many have discovered the hard way, security is only as strong as the weakest link—and that link is always the people on the inside of a system. Time and time again, individuals have been the cause of unintended consequences, either through inadvertence or deception. Since these people are also critical to the organization, analytics provides an unprecedented way to mitigate their potential damage.

For instance, implementing context-aware solutions can secure mobile device access by eliminating the use of passwords and detecting fraud and malware—particularly important with the growth of BYOD policies. These solutions can also examine user behavior to gain security intelligence and protect against unexpected occurrences.

Embracing the opportunities of social technologies opens doors to new markets and revenue channels. But the challenges of this new social, mobile and cloud-based world requires safeguarding the people in your organization from their own vulnerabilities.

Previously published on Social Business Insights, October 30, 2014.


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